The MeDiTATe project will be participating to the MASH’s congress. The event will take place on 4 – 6 May 2023 at the University of Corsica in Bastia, France. In this occasion two Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs), ESR 01 Antonio Martinez Pascual and ESR 02 Leonardo Geronzi will be presenting the results of their activities with a joint talk whose title is “Ascending aortic aneurysm growth prediction based on shape and fluid-dynamics biomarkers”.

An abstract describing their joint work is reported below:

A pathological aorta usually shows morphological variabilities which cannot be evaluated by simple diameter assessment but require supplementary measurements derived from the 3D model. Computational biomarkers have already proved their importance in the diagnosis process of cardiovascular diseases. Their capability to provide insight into patient-specific hemodynamics makes them essential to provide personalized treatment. In this work, we exploited longitudinal data to observe the evolution of the aneurysm over time. A set of local shape features was extracted by decomposing the geometry of the ascending tract of the aorta and statistical shape analysis was performed to extract global shape features. CFD analysis was then executed for each baseline model and fluid-dynamic biomarkers were extracted. The correlation between shape features, CFD biomarkers and aneurysm growth was then sought considering the information about the growth derived from the follow-up model. This enabled the development of predictive models for ascending aortic aneurysm growth”.