Last week, Martino Andrea Scarpolini, ESR09 of the MeDiTATe project successfully defended his PhD thesis at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”.  The title of his presentation was “Data-driven modelization for personalized medicine: an application to the thoracic aorta”.

Martino presented a comprehensive framework for automatically segmenting the thoracic aorta, estimating hemodynamic indices using CFD and machine learning approaches, employing a statistical shape model for decision-making, and incorporating in-vivo data assimilation techniques into FSI simulations. The proposed approaches offer advantages such as reduced computation time, decreased reliance on manual operations, the ability to capture the intricate morphology of the aorta, improved speed through GPU implementation, versatility across different anatomical regions, and the alignment of FSI simulations with in-vivo data using data assimilation techniques.

Congratulations Martino! 🎓