Leonardo Geronzi, ESR 02 of the MeDiTATe project, published the paper Assessment of shape-based features ability to predict the ascending aortic aneurysm growth in the Frontiers in Physiology journal.

This work involved the collaboration of several universities, research centres and three French hospitals: the University Hospital of Rennes, the University Hospital of Dijon and the University Hospital of Toulouse.

The full paper is available at this link on the Frontiers journal website. Antonio Martinez Pascual, ESR 01 of the MeDiTATe project, also participated in this work.

This publication shows the importance of considering the shape of the ascending aorta in predicting the risk of aneurysm growth. In fact, the work aims at explaining how to compute some shape features on the ascending tract and how to use machine learning classifiers to assess the risk of growth. The results provide a clear indication that a set of shape features could be selected to identify patients at high risk of growth more accurately than the maximum diameter alone.